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Caroline Rutgeerts

Cielo dorado

Caroline Rutgeerts

Een tekst waar ik van hou: 

Como en el toreo, creo, no siempre se pinta con ideas. El obra de arte ocurre mucho más allá de las ideas, contradiciéndolas incluso, y fabrica ideas. Por eso artes tan silenciosas fabrican tantas palabras.
En eso se parecen la pintura y los toros, en la verborrea que los acompaña, como si su propio silencio fuera tan insoportable que necesitara pasodobles y páginas infinitas.
Apuntes sobre tauromaquia en Sevilla de M. Barceló 1991

Korte professionele biografie: 

Grew up in Belgium, lived a year in the USA and in Spain as exchange student, then I obtained a Master in Translating Spanish/English. I worked several years in international sales, but my passion for Art drove me back to college, to obtain a Bachelor in Art Education. I am also a painter and regularly exhibit my work. Painting is for me a process of ‘awakening’ (becoming conscious), a way of expressing existential questions. I try to translate both the spirituality and the threatening elements of nature in a contemporary way on canvas, without being tied down to a certain use of media or to the existing conventions of the art of painting. I have a strong preference for warm, earthly colours and rough materials. Aside from translating my vision on nature, my work also depicts my state of mind: the way I look at things, the way I live my life.
For me Teaching Art is the Art of Assisting Discovery.